How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass – 10 Awesome Tips: How to Pick Up Beautiful Women at the Gym

How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

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How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass This article is for any guy who has ever gone into a gym with the intention of working out and getting fit, only to be blown away by all the amazing hotties working out at the same place.

You have probably thought to yourself, this place is full of amazing talent, I wonder how I could get to know some of these fit beautiful women. Well in this article, I am going to show you how.

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When we are at the gym pumping iron, getting healthier and more attractive to women, it’s pretty nice to see beautiful women trying to do the same and let’s face it, some of them look pretty damn hot in their hugging leotards and skimpy outfits and as long as you don’t mind a bit of sweat, it’s actually pretty sexy.

Sure you get your occasional chubby housewife or determined senior citizen but if you go to a good gym then at least half of the women should be do-able because the fact of the matter is, most beautiful women want to continue being beautiful and so they want to work out. How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

Some women go to female only gyms because they don’t like the leering stares of horny men or are just really insecure about their bodies but most prefer to just go to the mixed gender gyms because on some level they enjoy being checked out by lots of guys, it’s good for their self esteem and they want to feel wanted.

That doesn’t mean they sleep with every guy there that wants them because most beautiful women aren’t attracted to the insecure guys who look but are too afraid to touch, they want the guys who are courageous and masculine, who approach them with confidence and ease and make them blush like bashful schoolgirls. How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

Most guys will just glare at girls from across the floor and keep trying to catch their eye, hoping that they are checking him out and they like what they see. Then after awhile they might build up the confidence to approach but when they do they get shut down because they have already demonstrated that they are not confident high value men.

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There are however a minority of guys who attract and seduce women at the gym regularly, who use the gym as a great avenue for meeting beautiful women; these guys know the rules of the gym seduction game and they understand the etiquette. How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

I am one of those guys, I have been for years, ever since I decided that I no longer wanted to limit my ‘hunting grounds’ to nightclubs and bars; I realized that the gym like many other public places was full of opportunities to seduce beautiful women, all I had to do was learn through a lot of trial and error the best way to consistently attract and seduce beautiful women at my local gym.

I am now going to share with you the fruits of my labour in these “10 tips for picking up beautiful women at your gym“. If you follow these tips precisely then you too will learn how to seduce gym hotties with a skill and class that will leave your gym peers envious.

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Gym Pick-Up Tip 1: Don’t Do Womens Classes How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

Every time I go to the Gym I always see these pathetic guys participating in the aerobics classes predominantly designed for women. They will go in there smiling and nodding their heads and then when the stretching begins they are covertly checking out all the girls, thinking they’re getting away with it.

Most women aren’t stupid if they see a straight guy doing “Jazzercise” they are going to think that he is either an emasculated closet homosexual or they will think that he is just there to creep on the girls, either way it is not good for your image.

Stick to the gender appropriate exercises and classes, and retain your masculinity and pride; at most gym’s you will see these girls on the gym floor at some point anyway so you don’t need to join a class just for the opportunity to talk to them and besides, leotards just look really wrong on men.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 2: Be Sociable With Everyone How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

It’s essential for your success in picking up at the gym that you don’t look like you are only there to creep on girls; that’s why when we go to the gym we make sure that we are friendly and sociable with everyone that we interact with and not just the beautiful women.

How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

The best place to start is with the staff, get to know them on a name to name basis and try and have the occasional conversation with them, this will be very beneficial to your image as a trusted member of the club, it will make you look like a regular even if it’s just your first visit.

From there, make small talk with people who you see there frequently or who just happen to cross your path at a weights station or at the drinking fountain, if you see a guy who is really huge and obviously a regular, then go up to him and compliment him and ask him if he has any tips for you? It helps to be friendly with that guy because on a primitive level he is actually like the Alpha male of the gym and association with him can be beneficial to your perceived social status. How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

Gym Pick-Up Tip 3: Approach Sooner Rather Than Later.

This is a pretty common mistake that guys make, they will see a girl they are interested in and spend the next few weeks trying to catch her eye whilst they muster up the courage to approach her and make their move.

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The problem with that is, if you have already been making eyes with her and havent approached earlier then chances are you have become the creepy staring guy and you have shown her that you weren’t confident enough to approach her from the beginning so you are probably not a very confident person in real life. How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

The best thing to do is to approach her the first opportunity that you get because the longer you leave it, the harder and more awkward it will get. If you are in her vicinity and you make eye contact then say hello and make small talk, don’t shy away from her because if you do then she will probably dismiss you as a sexual prospect then and there.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 4: Recognise The Signs How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

No matter how good your game is there will always be some girls who go to the gym and just don’t want to be bothered at all, these women are typically very difficult to approach effectively and in most cases it’s probably not worth bothering.

So here are five signs we can look for to tell if a hot girl is open to being approached.

1. She is being sociable with others.

If her head is down, her earplugs are in and she looks like she is going out of her way to avoid interacting with people, then she is not your best bet. Look for girls who are talkative with others, they are a lot more open to meeting new people.

2. She is looking around herself.

If you see a girl staring straight ahead trying very hard to avoid making eye contact with anyone, she obviously takes her workout very seriously and does not want to be bothered. Look for girls who are constantly looking around at others, they are curious about the other people there and hoping to make new friends. How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

3. She is procrastinating.

Some girls will just wait around equipment or by the water fountain in between their exercises, these girls are obviously a bit bored and they will generally be really responsive if you approach them.

4. She looks happy.

If a girl looks like she is smiling and genuinely enjoying herself then she is in a good mood to be approached and will probably make it easy for you, just smile as well and play off her vibe.

5. She keeps looking at you.

If she keeps looking over at you, then this is a pretty good sign, especially if you catch her checking you out. Although she might not approach, by giving you an ‘indicator of interest’ she is encouraging you to make a move.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 5: Time Your Approach How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

It is no good approaching a girl if she is in the middle of a weights set or working her ass off on the treadmill, it is hard enough to do these exercises without having some guy chat you up in the process.

When you are considering using your gym as a pick up venue you need to remember that the main reason people are there is to get a work out and socialising comes second.

A lot of girls take their workouts pretty seriously so if you interfere with that then they will probably get annoyed, time your approach for when you are least likely to be interrupting her routine. Don’t approach her whilst she is stretching because this makes most girls feel uncomfortable.

You can approach girls on the treadmill, stairmaster, exercise bike etc. but pick a time when it looks like they are taking it easy, if they look hot and flustered don’t bother. If they have just finished a heavy workout and are huffing and puffing, wait until they get their breath back before you approach.

The best time to approach a girl is either when she appears to be resting or visiting the water cooler in between exercises, she will be feeling relaxed and at ease and will be able to talk comfortably.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 6: Check Your Hygiene

Forget whatever you may have read about endorphins in sweat creating attraction; stinky sweat is rarely ever a turn-on for girls and it isn’t good for your image.

Make sure you spray on deodorant before and after you hit the gym floor to ensure that you are always at your best, if you think you might have bad breath then chew on some gum, don’t make the mistake of thinking because you are getting hot and sweaty in the gym that hygiene goes out the window.

Take a towel with you onto the gym floor to wipe the sweat off any machines you might use, not only is this important gym etiquette but if a girl you like has to use your sweat soaked equipment after you, then all bets are off. How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

If you are going to approach a girl and you are sweaty, then wipe the worst of your sweat away with a towell before you approach, unfortunately there are a lot of princesses out there who are put off by a little sweat so be mindful of that.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 7: Look At Her Eyes Not Her Body

A lot of guys make the mistake of thinking that because they are at a gym the best opening line is to tell girls that they have an awesome body or something along those lines. If you said this to a girl in a club or a bar she would probably think you are a sleaze and the gym is no different.

When you do approach a girl make sure that she sees you looking at her eyes, not staring at her breasts, not checking out her ass, look her directly in the eyes and show her that you are not like all the other creepy guys in there and you are actually interested in them for more than their body.

If she catches you checking her out, she might take it as a compliment but it’s unlikely she will want to jump into bed with you just because you think she has a sexy body. Women like to be wanted for more than their looks so show her you are attracted to her personality and not just her perfectly sculpted booty.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 8: Approach From A Good Angle

When you approach a girl at the gym, don’t come up behind her, you will startle her and this is rarely ever a good way to meet someone; besides if she just happens to be a martial artist then you might end up on the receiving end of a reflexive taekwondo elbow to the face. How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

If you are going to approach her make sure she can see you coming but take into account that it’s generally better to be seen as not going too far out of your way to approach her. If she is on the other side of the floor, then cleverly work your way within a 3 metre vicinity and approach from there.

If she can see you coming then she has time to evaluate you before you approach and you will get a much better response, if you approach from an angle where she can’t see you then she wont have time to decide whether she is interested in you or not and she might instinctively shun you.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 9: Use A Genuine Sounding Conversation Starter

When you approach your girl, try and be as genuine as possible in your opening line and steer away from pick-up lines.

Believe it or not, “If I told you, you had a great body, would you hold it against me?” is not the ideal gym floor conversation starter; maybe it was in the 70’s but since then girls expect guys to be a bit more clever with their opening lines.

If you can think of a clever observation or relevant question to ask her then this is great, however if you can’t think of anything to say and you can see the opportunity slipping by then “Hi how’s it going?” is pretty acceptable.

The worst thing you can do in this situation, is say nothing and let a perfectly awesome opportunity slip by.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 10: Make Your Workout Your Top priority

Remember that at the end of the day you are at the gym to workout and improve your body, meeting women is your second priority and shouldn’t interfere too much with your workout.

Even if you are only there to meet women, you still need to make working out your top priority for one simple reason, it’s attractive. Just like if you are out somewhere with friends your top priority should not be picking up women, it should be to have a great time with your friends because otherwise you will look like a sleaze. How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

Women find it really attractive when men have other stuff going on in their lives. If you are only at the gym to pick up girls then they will sense your desperation and it will be a turn off for them, go about your gym routine as you usually would and when you see an opportunity to approach a beautiful woman, take full advantage of it.

All you are really doing, is getting the most out of your leisure time and finding great new opportunities in places you never would have considered before. If you can master the art of picking up women in your gym then you can potentially pick up women anywhere, on the way to work, at the office, on an aeroplane. As a Player it is vital that we widen our scope of seduction possibilities in order to accommodate any situation because once you can do that, then you will be a true Player.

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Final Thoughts

What I want you to do is practice this approach. Maybe go for a minute or two at first, and then get to where you can do this in about 40 (or even 30) seconds.

You won’t use this tactic all the time. But when the opportunity is right, it’s really good to have this in your seduction arsenal. You want to make sure that you have the right kind of tools for the job, so to speak.

Whenever you see a girl who’s in that state and ready to be seduced, if you beat around the bush, engage in small talk or generally waste time, she’ll be turned off and you’ve lost a golden seduction opportunity.

Instead, when you spot this, you want to be able to see her, know that that’s what she wants, go in, and give it to her immediately. This is the major difference between guys who are rock stars at walking up and seducing a woman… and guys who wish that they were great at quickly seducing a woman.

There are a lot of other success factors as well. There are techniques on how to speak with the right tonality… how to touch her that allows her to feel comfortable and doesn’t turn off any of her weird alert switches… specific NLP triggers that you can use to connect and make sure she’s totally in your zone.

What’s taken me from a normal dude to a well-respected dating coach, is knowing a lot of short-cuts like this and knowing when to bring them out. And these short-cuts can also improve your game with women.

Remember these characteristics in women who want to be seduced, and remember – it is possible to make out with a woman in 40 seconds or less.

Discover my other top 3 “Seduction Secrets” in this special video presentation.

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How To Get Your Girl To Let U Inside Her Ass

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